Local-Medic.co.uk Limited Vision:

Here at Local-Medic.co.uk Limited we intend to provide our clients with a full service from start to finish.

Including First Aid Training, Risk Assessments, Event Medical Plans, contact with the local Ambulance Service and much more.

Our service users (patients) will receive the best care available, with fully qualified staff, with all resources available to them that they are qualified to utilise.

Our staff will be regularly invited to training courses, and CPD courses to keep their skills up to date, at a minimal cost, highly subsidised by the company.


Local-Medic.co.uk Limited Mission Statement:

Local-Medic.co.uk Limited is an innovative company, aimed at providing high quality, accountable patient care, Certified First Aid Training and event preparation support.

We view ourselves as an invaluable support to any event, large or small, for safety, protection and training of staff and the general public.

We are also heavily involved in the First Aid Training sector, training at schools, colleges and within the workplace.

We aim to become a regionally recognised brand name, capitalising on the sustained interest in First Aid Training, and Nightclub, Concert and Event Medical Cover.

Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability and maintaining our sense of humour.