Our team is made up of highly trained practitioners with extensive experience in mental health, ambulance and emergency services and security and events management. We take great pride in our clean, professional, and uniformed team. All of our team members are trained to the highest standard and regularly participate in internal and external continuing professional development (CPD) to enhance their skills.

You can easily spot our team at events as they wear bright yellow polo shirts, which are designed for high visibility. This makes it convenient for anyone in need of medical assistance to find them without having to ask, “Where are the first aiders?”

To ensure that our team is fully prepared, they are required to arrive on site 20 minutes before their shift begins. Our managers, who wear blue polo shirts for easy identification, arrive earlier to conduct on-site briefings if needed. They are also actively involved in patient care as part of the medical team.

We understand the importance of having a manager on site at every event. Unless otherwise agreed with the event organiser, there will always be a manager present. If not physically present, they can be reached by phone 24/7 to address any management-related inquiries.

Our logo reflects our corporate identity in a simple yet elegant way. It features a heartbeat symbol incorporated into our company name, strengthening our smart and professional image.