Local-Medic.co.uk Limited pride itself on clean, professional, uniformed staff, trained to the highest of standards – most of which being specially trained in a certain field, for example, our nightclub team undertakes specific training in management of acute abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Our medics are expected to be on site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift, with managers being on site prior to that to have an on site brief if required, and get prepared to give staff a full briefing.

Our medics wear bright green polo shirts, designed specifically for our nightclub team, but are very visible at all events to provide the public with easy access to medical assistance when required – no more of the ‘Where are the first aiders?’ questions to your staff!

Managers can be distinguished with bright blue polo shirts, so you know who to go to for management queries. All of our managers are active members of the medical team and will treat patients.

All of our management are highly trained medics, with extensive experience in Mental Health, the Ambulance Service and in the Security and Events Industry.

There should be a manager on site at all events unless otherwise agreed with the event organiser.

The logo is a simple but elegant close to our valued corporate identity. With the heart beat in the bottom line, linked with the full company name, the logo completes the smart and professional look.