Over the years I have found that for everyone I’ve delivered training to each have their own reasons for doing it. Admittedly, for most, it’s for legal compliance or because their boss has told them to but there are some who have a personal reason for doing it. I’ve had learners tell me they’ve watched family members suffer ill health and they were unable to do anything about it because they weren’t trained. That’s when it’s most saddening because ultimately, people blame themselves but it’s not necessarily their fault they weren’t trained. Even worse, terribly bad things have to happen for people to realise they need training!

I first completed a First Aid course about 10 years ago when I completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Part of the Award was that you had to learn a skill and I chose First Aid, which I thoroughly enjoyed and has taken me down the path that I am on now.

I always ask candidates whether they have experience of First Aid to which most will say no, forgetting to put a plaster on a cut is First Aid! When I ask this, I’m more intrigued as to whether people have had to perform life-saving First Aid.

I’ve had to perform CPR on 2 occasions. The first time was my Grandmother and the second time was at the side of the road on a member of the public. These experiences have reinforced to me, even more, the importance of knowing First Aid; you don’t know when or where you might have to use it!

Just like passing your driving test, you’re given a license to drive and take to the roads by yourself. When you pass a First Aid course, you’re given the skills to perform First Aid on anyone who might need your help. From a small cut to a heart attack.

The passion that Local-Medic and I hold for First Aid means we strive to provide the best training possible.

We have a whole suite of First Aid courses, just ask!



Director of Training