Take your event management to the next level.

With experience in both events and emergency management, our team will log, dispatch and manage situations as they arise.

Dedicated control room staff elevate the success and safety of any event.

This strategic investment reaps dividends around efficiency, coordination, and crisis mitigation.

Here’s why a control room with trained staff is not an added cost, but a valuable asset to any event:

1. Centralised Coordination

A control room brings together information and communications from various aspects of the event. Trained staff ensure seamless coordination between different departments – from security and logistics to audio-visual and front of house. This centralised command hub facilitates real-time decision-making and swift responses to emerging situations.

2. Proactive Issue Resolution

Experienced control room staff have the skills to identify potential challenges before they escalate.

With experience in event dynamics, staff are able to identify and manage issues, before they get worse. This minimises any disruption to the event, boosting the attendee experience.

3. Emergency Preparedness

Events, by nature, are susceptible to unforeseen emergencies. A control room, manned by trained personnel, is crucial for effective emergency response. Whether dealing with a medical incident, security breach, or technical glitch, the control room serves as the nerve center. Staff deploy resources, communicate with relevant authorities, and put in place contingency plans.

4. Efficient Resource Allocation

Trained control room staff excel in optimising resource allocation. By monitoring crowd dynamics, staff are able to direct staff based on real-time needs. This results in a smoother operation, minimising unnecessary cost by maximising resources potential.

5. Brand Image and Reputation

A well ran event reflects well on the organiser’s brand. Trained control room staff contribute to this by ensuring smooth operation and quick resolution to any problems. This attention to detail not only safeguards the event’s success but also protects the brand’s reputation.

Having a control room with specialist staff may appear as an extra expense. The return in event success, safety, and brand reputation far outweigh the initial costs.

It’s an investment in the event success, ensuring a great experience for attendees. Organisers can have peace of mind that their event will be safe and secure. The presence of a control room with trained staff is not only a necessity. It’s a large component that transforms events from mere gatherings into unforgettable experiences.