It’s been months in the planning for all those involved.

The afternoon before the event starts, we meet the Security and Event Managers on site, start to set up our working areas. This year, we’re providing 24/7 Medical and Control Room cover from Friday to Sunday at an event for car enthusiasts.

Being out in what can only be described as a big field, our Medical area represents a field hospital…however, we do have electricity and lighting! We’ve now got to ensure that not just our Medical kit is all ready to go but that our Control kit is also ready to go!


On site to set up computers, phones, radio equipment and medical equipment to ensure we are fully operational. The event went live, the responsibility for our Control Team was ensuring that all staff were present, booked on, allocated their call-sign and patrol area. We were also the liaison point for Event Management, Security, Lost Property, Lost Children and Emergency Services; so it’s extremely important that we are on top of our game! As well as that, we have contingency plans to consider most eventualities…

For the Management, Event and Safety, working an event is not just a case of turning up, doing your bit and going home…there is an element of personal responsibility. The only acceptable outcome is that the event ends safely.

If this means staying past your shift time, then so be it!


I want to tell you about an incident that I dealt with. If you’re reading this, I want you to understand that more often than not, our Medical Team don’t just look after those who are unwell.

A young female has approached the Medical Team as she has been involved in domestic incident with her boyfriend and she’s extremely upset and doesn’t want to be near him. For the purpose of this, I am going to call her Amy. Amy has been bought into the control room where she opens up to me about difficulties that she has been having with her boyfriend and describes a history of domestic issues. Amy doesn’t want the Police involved, just wants someone to talk and listen to her. I’ve spent over an hour just talking to Amy about help that’s available to her, what she can do and where she can go. We’ve given her a phone charger so she can charge her phone and call a friend to come and get her. Amy sits with me, crying, highly emotionally distressed and talks being diagnosed with mental health conditions. However, we find some common ground, cars (yes, we are at a car event!)

Amy shows me pictures of her car that she’s put her heart and soul into; describes how much she loves her car and that actually when she thinks about it, her passion for her car is one of the things that keeps her going.

A short time later, Amy’s friend arrives to pick her up and we provide her an ‘executive escort’ off the site (this is 2 Security Officers in a transit!)

Now, I reflect…reflect on if my conversation with her has helped her or not. Was there more that I could of said or done to help her? I wonder if she will be alright in weeks to come.

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Personally, for me, our staff are not just Medical Staff. They are that person who will take the time to talk to a female like Amy and try and provide support, even if it’s just a chat.


A short time later, an ‘urgent assistance’ call comes through the Control Room from a mobile security patrol. They’ve heard an explosion on one of the campsites and what appears to be the start of a large fire. This call now takes priority for all.

The Controller dispatches Security Teams, Safety Team, Medical Team and an Event Manager. For the Medical Team, we need to establish potential injuries and how many are injured? If this incident involves multiple casualties with burn injuries, then we need to consider how that is managed. There were 2 identified injuries, a female who had lost her sight, thankfully it was temporary and a male who got hit with an aerosol can which had been thrown on to the fire.

Thankfully, both were fine and made full recoveries! No matter what happened over the course of the event, it was dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally.

I see a group of people who are dedicated and enthusiastic about the work that they do. They hold the upmost professionalism in what they do and take pride in that. I’m proud of the work that our team did over the weekend.

This is just a snapshot of what we’ve dealt with! When you’re planning an Event, I want you to consider Local-Medic for your Medical Provision. Why? Because our staff have a passion not just for doing First Aid, but for going that extra mile to ensure that your event runs smoothly.